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Online surveys are one of the most effective forms of market research, which allows companies, both large and small, to understand exactly what their customers expect from their brands and products. By taking our online surveys, you provide them with this valuable information. As such, we are committed to rewarding you for your time and your views, every time you complete one of these surveys!

Market Research/ Surveys From Irish Opinions™

Every company is different; therefore each one will require unique and specialised feedback from its customer base – that’s you! Our surveys cover a huge variety of topics and interests, including current events and worldwide issues, but also more specific topics like the latest fashions, the most amazing food and the newest films.

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We want the surveys that you participate in to be of the utmost interest to you. As a registered member, you will be invited to take regular surveys that enable you to earn rewards for vouchers from leading brands and retailers!

Registering with us is simple, free and takes only a few minutes. Once you’ve joined you can update your profile to let us know the subjects that matter to you. We will then send you invites to appropriate paid surveys and opinion polls based on this information. . Sign up today, and you can start to make a difference to the things that matter the most to you! 

You can easily complete relevant surveys in a matter of moments, and you can earn yourself credit towards vouchers from some of your favourite online retailers and high-street stores today!

Why Choose Irish Opinions™?

Irish Opinions is an easy to use platform which enables members to earn rewards by participating in online surveys.

Some of the benefits of joining our wonderful community include:


  • The chance to earn up to €5 per completed survey
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