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paid online surveys from irish opinions


Online surveys are an effective form of market research that allows companies, both large and small, to understand what we expect from their brands and products. Which is why you will be rewarded for your time and your views – every time!

Opinion Polls from Irish Opinions™

Every company is different; therefore, each one will wish to require specific unique information. The surveys we conduct cover a huge variety of topics including current events, worldwide issues such as global warming and other topics like fashion, food and film.

Becoming a Member With Irish Opinions™

We want the surveys you participate in to be of interest to you, so as a registered member, you can provide us with information of the subjects that matter and concern you. We will then send requests for appropriate surveys and opinion polls based on the information you submit.

Once registered, you will be invited to join in regular surveys that enable you to collect rewards that can be used as coupons for leading brands and retailers! Registering with us is simple, free and requires little time so sign up and make a difference today! .

Easily take surveys and collect rewards that can be used as coupons for some of your favourite online retailers and high street brands!

Why Choose Irish Opinions™ ?

Irish Opinions is a platform for members to earn rewards by participating in paid online surveys.

Benefits of joining our community, include:


  • Earn up to €5 per completed survey
  • Joining is free and easy
  • Earn rewards by building up your balance, through completing surveys
  • Be part of a 300,000+ Irish community